W-2 Preprinted 6-Part Kit with Self-Seal Envelopes

For most Quickbooks/Windows software that requires all Preprinted Forms (for software that does not CREATE Forms on blank paper). NOT REQUIRED FOR W-2 EXPRESS SOFTWARE.

Do not order
these forms if the Employer has 250 or more Employees, instead e-File to the SSA with W-2 Express. See Envelopes and Blank Perforated Paper for supplies.

This 6-part traditional preprinted laser set includes 2-up forms, Employer copy A (red scannable), Employer D (records), Employer copy 1 (state and city), Employee copy B (federal), Employee copy C (file), Employee copy 2 (state and city). Print each copy as a batch, then separate and collate by employee. Mail employer copies in a batch to the SSA with W-3. Order the quantity equal to the number of employees for which you file. Mail recipient copies in included compatible self-seal window envelopes.

Free UPS Ground Shipping.
  Quantity Total      
25 $65.00
  50 $75.00    
  100 $99.00    
200 $142.00
300 $180.00
  400 $222.00    
500 $263.00
  600 $300.00    
Call 361-884-1500 to order.

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