1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Preprinted 5-Part Kit with Self-Seal Envelopes

For most Quickbooks for Windows and other software that requires all 1099-Misc Preprinted Forms (for software that does not CREATE Forms on blank paper). NOT REQUIRED FOR 1099 EXPRESS.

Do not order
these forms if the Payer has 250 or more Employees. Instead e-File with 1099 Express. See 1099 Express Envelopes and 1099 blank perforated paper for supplies.

Miscellaneous Income. This 5-part laser set includes preprinted Copy A (federal, red scannable), Copy B (recipient), Copy C (payer file), Copy 1 (payer state) and Copy 2 (recipient state). Copy A has a 1/2" side perforation. Print each copy as a batch, then separate and collate by recipient. Order the quantity equal to the number of recipients for which you file, you'll get all the necessary forms. Mail payer copies in a batch to the IRS and state. Mail recipient copies in included compatible self seal window envelopes. Includes 3 1096 Forms with each order. Order more 1096 forms.

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  Quantity Total      
  25 $56    
  50 $65    
  100 $87    
200 $133
  300 $173    
  400 $213    
  500 $250    
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