Quickbooks XPS Import System (Included Free with 1099 Express)


1. Bring up Quickbooks then open your company with the 1099 forms. Do whatever is necessary to print 1099-Misc forms from Quickbooks as if printing on the PAPER FORMS (on the red-lined 2-up IRS 1099-Misc Copy A paper Forms). Except stop before clicking PRINT. Change printers. Change to the built in Microsoft XPS Document Writer Printer. You have this already. It's part of Windows.

Choose the type of file as .XPS NOT ".oxps" see below:

Choose a location such as Documents.


- Choose a Filename such as JonesCompany.xps
- Click SAVE.

Next View and Verify your data looks good as follows:

- After saving your .xps file, navigate to it, and double click to open it.
- It opens into Microsoft Windows XPS Viewer.
- You will see just the data. Not the 1099 Forms.
- You should see two people per page.

- At this point 1099 Express WILL FINISH THE IMPORT FOR YOU AT NO COST, if you wish. Just call us at 361-884-1500 for instructions on how to send your .xps file securely. And we can take it from there, or:

Finish Youself:

- Download and Install XPS Quickbooks Import - SetupXPS.exe from our DOWNLOADS page.
- Open the XPStoVector program. Find and double-click this ICON:

- Click "Open Your .xps File"
- A new file called Vector.txt will be saved in the same folder as your .xps file.

- Start 1099 Express. Click the File Menu, then "Open Metafiles".

Scroll down......

- Click Button No. 2 FIRST OPEN VECTOR.TXT

- Possibly, click the RED Move Data Buttons shown above, if necessary.
- Click Button No. 3 IMPORT. Your 1099-Misc forms will appear in 1099 Express
- If problems occur, send us your .XPS FILE. And Call 361-884-1500.