Un-Hide extensions for known file types under Windows

File extensions are hidden by default, making work more difficult. To unhide file extensions, click the SEARCH Menu in 1099 Express. Then click "Unhide File Extensions".

Start File Explorer (My Computer) by clicking this Icon (on your task bar at the bottom):

Press the F5 key while File Explorer window is open. File Extensions will now be visible.

Notes: Hiding the file extension makes it harder to identify the type of file you are working with, and makes work more difficult. You need to know the file type for many 1099 Express operations. Examples of file name extensions are:

".src" for 1099 Express Source.
".txt" for a text file.
".xls" for an Excel file.
".fp" for Fine Print "Print Capture" files.
".htm" for web page files.

Un hiding is the same as shown in RED BELOW

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