If you own W-2 Express software (by 1099 Express), you are in LUCK! W-2 Express software DOES NOT NEED the official W-2 Form whatsoever! Instead it uses regular Letter size blank paper (no perforations). If you don't already have W-2 Express, then order from our order page.

When printing your Copy A for the SSA with W-2 Express, use ordinary blank copy paper.

When printing your Copies for the EMPLOYEES, use perforated paper, not ordinary paper. There are 3 copies per page for each employee. Perforated paper allows these to be separated by the Employee.

Unike the IRS, the SSA accepts our custom W-2 Copy A Forms. The W-2 Express Copy A forms can be read by the scanners at the SSA. We are approved for this purpose by the SSA.

The W-2 Express Copy A also contains a 2D-bar code that can be read by the SSA scanning equipment. See example below:
Note: Employers with 250 or more employees MUST e-File to the SSA.

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