ADMINISTRATORS: Install and Activate under the USER's login, not necessarily the administrator, see below:

The user should activate the program under your NORMAL USER LOGIN. Your NORMAL USER LOGIN may be either an Admin or non-Admin user account. DO NOT activate this program under one user (such as Admin) then try to use the program under a different user login (it will not be activated on a different login on the same computer).

Multiple users on the same computer will require a multi-user license. Multi-user licenses are shown on this site at PRICES.asp.

1099 Express software is a regular or Non-Admin Application. Thus, you should not need to contact your Administrator to install 1099 Express Software. The software can be installed under your NORMAL USER LOGIN. This saves you time and trouble. If it's no longer necessary to have the Administrator's password and login, or take the Administrator's time.

Some systems are LOCKED down and will FORCE you to use the Administrator. In such a case have the Administrator install and activate the software under YOUR USER ACCOUNT. In this case, it may also be necessary to give the user full write permissions in the folder called C:\E2014. Call tech support at 361-884-1500 if you have any errors on opening or closing the software.

If you receive a message like this, click ACTIONS, then choose RUN ANYWAY.
1099 Express is safe, and WILL NOT HARM YOUR COMPUTER. See our security scans by Norton

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